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Advogados do TNP fazem palestra na Volvo

Os advogados Germano Ferraz Paciornik e Francisco Fernando Bittencourt de Camargo, integrantes do escritório Trajano Neto e Paciornik Advogados proferirão palestra para os colaboradores do Grupo Volvo América Latina, no próximo dia 23 de maio. Os...
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Realidade Tributária: ITALOCAM e TNP Realizam Palestra

A Câmara Ítalo-Brasileira de Comércio e Indústria do Paraná (ITALOCAM) e o TNP, Trajano Neto e Paciornik Advogados, realizarão palestra sobre a realidade tributária brasileira, com ênfase no PIS e no COFINS, objetivando proporcionar ao...
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About The Firm

About The Firm

The Firm was conceived to answer the need of contemporary legal services with emphasis on social and economic demands especially those related to means of production. Consisting of experienced professionals, our Firm has national presence, with emphasis on the South, North and Northeast of Brazil, and provides clients with strong representation and personal attention.

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How We Think

Our top priority is to provide proactive legal services to our clients - individuals, companies and other entities; and the best legal consueling, in orther to avoid legal issues and minimize legal costs. We represent our client's interests responsibily in the best possible way, commitment which is shared by all our team.


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How We Work

Our Firm provides comprehensive, dynamic and client-focused legal services. Our main aim is to ensure the fulfillment of our client´s goals. We serve both individuals and small, medium or large-sized companies, prioritizing its needs and providing personalized assistence.

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Social and Environmental Responsibility

Called to contribute in the construction of a common good, our Firm supports two of the most respected bralizian institutions: "Associação dos Amigos do Hospital de Clínicas" and "Instituto de Pesquisas Pelé Pequeno Príncipe".

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Practice areas

Insurance Law

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling insurance claims and representing and advising insurance companies, especially concernig mass litigation management.

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Sports Law

Reviewing, drafting and negotiation of a wide range of contracts.

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International Law

The Firm offers legal consulting services for foreign companies and individuals, including international contracts' drafting, analysis and negotiation, foreign investments in Brazil, visas, and operations concerning international trade.

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Environmental Law

Our approach on environmental consueling and litigation is always through the perspective of conservation, rational, and renewable use of biodiversity and ecosystems.

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Banking and Finance

We offer advice within all kinds of financial and banking issues, from counseling and contract drafting and negotiating to litigation.

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Social Security Law

We operate both in private social security as well as in the context of INSS, considering the individual requirements of each client.

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Mass Litigation

We delevop customized programs in order to bring excellent results considering the cost-effectiveness of our client's investiments and legal assistance costs.

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Public bidding and Government contracting

Document analysis, evaluation of competitors, administrative and legal advice, as well as litigation.

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Restructuring of Companies

Planning and advising on matters relating to the restructuring of companies. Analysis and evaluation of company's financial, economic, administrative and operational aspects. Advising and planning tanking into account the specific requirements of each client.

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Tax Law

Corporate and personal tax planning, consultancy and structuring, taking into account the client requirements.

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Our team

Managing Partners

Charles Friedrich Neto view the CV

Trajano Bastos de Oliveira Neto Friedrich view the CV

Rui Ferraz Paciornik view the CV

Luis Eduardo Pereira Sanches view the CV


Stephanie Zago de Carvalhoview the CV

Thiago Antonio Vendrusculoview the CV

Dairielly Cavalcanti Vicenteview the CV

Jeremias Estevão das Chagasview the CV

Tifanny Evelize Araujoview the CV

Renata Almeida Alvesview the CV

Isadora Savazzi Rizziview the CV

Rudá Picanço Burlamaqueview the CV

Emely Cristina Anziliero Trindadeview the CV

Fernanda Ferreira Manciniview the CV

Alexandre Ehlke Rodaview the CV

Desirée Camila Lejambreview the CV

Francisco Fernando Bittencourt de Camargoview the CV

Gabriel de Araújo Garcez Hoernerview the CV


Maria Elisa Ferraz Paciornikview the CV

Adriano Abdanurview the CV

Germano Ferraz Paciornikview the CV


Charles Friedrich Netoview the CV

Communication Consultant

Luiz Artur de Oliveira Saraivaview the CV





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